Boogie T – Buku Interview

Boogie T. is a great local New Orleans Artist who performed this year at Buku.  This year we got a chance to sit down with the magnanimous Boogie T. right when he got off stage killing at Buku.

Frenchmen Clothing: Tell us about your experience playing at Buku this year?

Boogie T: Absolutely massive the crowd was raging,  I asked them to open up the pit and they did.  I saw three mosh pits just from what I saw.  It was nasty.

FC: I know you love playing for a local crowd but tell me about some of the spots you have played at all over,  I’ve seen you on snap chat shining?

BT:  Let me pull up my schedule. The first one was in Grand Rapids,   Michigan.  I’m on tour with Ganja White Night right now. Non stop every single day has been a show. 14 shows and I’m here.  I just got back from Okeechobee Music Festival it was absolutely massive.

FC: What is the Boogie T sound and live experience and why are you getting booked so much?

BT: The act of self deprecation. I just don’t give a shit I’m humorous about myself.  You can’t really say anything bad about me because I will flip it. The only reason they (haters) mad is because they not happy about themselves.

FC: Any final words or shout outs?

BT: SHOUT OUT to my Dad for coming to Buku!!!! It was a blast everyone hope to see you all again next year at Buku.

CLICK HERE <<< to listen to the sounds of Louisiana’s own Boogie T.