Cafe Negril a friend & partner, Where I work! #cafenegrilnola

Folks myself, Adrian Sosebee,  would never have created Frenchmen Clothing if it wasn’t for my great job at Cafe Negril <<<< CLICK LIKE FAN PAGE.

I moved here from Atlanta,  GA over 2 years ago and it has been a great experience I love this city.  My first job was at Finn Mac Cools where I learned the basics of bartending.  Then I was a cook at Ruben’s Taco Truck for a short period of time right before Brad at Cafe Negril hired me.

The rest has been non stop fun history at Cafe Negril the best bar on Frenchmen st.

My bar creates great memories and I have great co-workers,  MGMT, and owners to support what I do 5 times a week. Come visit me sometime at 606 Frenchmen st.

Please take a second and CLICK HERE to like the Cafe Negril Fan Page which I also run.

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